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Set out to open the book in NS, even more hit and miss than expected! 2 x 1200s on ski trains were a nice bonus though.

Captions actually provided on the phots this time!

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Balkans April 2014

A weekend around the Balkans leading up to the Kosovo Mercia Tour;

  • Flew to Podgorica with Ryanair for 24 hours in Montenegro
  • Day train over the stunning Bar to Belgrade line then a day in Belgrade
  • Belgrade to Skopje for a couple of 661s
  • Skopje to Kosovo for the charter in Kosovo and back to Macedonia
  • Indirect route home via Skopje-Charleroi flight and Eurostar


Belgium, Luembourg and France Apr 2014

A hasty trip to exercise the red pen for a few days…

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August 2013 – 1) Belgium

A week or so Summer’s bash started off in Belgium covering the PFT Bocq “Cockerill Gala” that was really a mixed traffic do. It all fell to bits with failures all over the place but still an enjoyable day.

Performing were: 5128 (just!), 5941, 6077, 6106, 7005, 7305 & 7341, kettles 64149 and “Tublize”. Also on site were 202020 (CFL 1602) – jacked at start of day, 5001 and 6406 (demics on show) and 5183 which wasn’t out.  At various times there were more failed than working locos with 202020, 6077, 6106, 7005 and 5128 all in trouble at one time or another!

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Mercia Charters “The Past Life”

Weekend in Belgium for another Mercia Tour – two excellent days with PFT/SNCB diesel power – and just a little spinning electrics around Brussels

Bank Holiday Bash to Belgium and Germany

A quick Bank Holiday trip to Belgium and the Koln area to do some scooping…


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Belgium for Mercia “The Cause and Effect” tour

A quick trip to Belgium to do the Spring Mercia tour

Decided to cover the SNCF 67400 turn to Tournai on the way over, so leapt off the Eurostar at Lille Europe for the conventional route forward with 67589 dropping us nicely onto 2125 into Brussels. The Mercia tour used 5166 as the main train engine with 2810 and 7840 assisting as we covered various lines down towards the German border. On Sunday with and a big change from last year in that nearly everything is now Class 18s we took the opportunity to head out to Dendermonde on a diverted service via Brussels West and cover the 21s on the Kotrijk axis (although one was a cart vice!) before an evening Eurostar back.