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Bulgaria September 2015

Still a top place! Most things managed to eventually fall into place nicely again for 2015’s Bulgaria trip, usual circular trip to cover the ground. Managed a dozen new BDZ locos and added a few more to the ‘active winners’ list for the next trip! Storming around behind classic Skoda electrics in fresh air compos, driven hard on single lines with little to no gen, let alone diagrams, perhaps bashing in its simplest form. Between trains 😉 managed a few phots of EA’s and also a pair of OBB Taurus which have now spread their wings this far East.

We also did the International service between Sofia-Budapest which goes over the new Danube II bridge between Vidin and Golenti. Due to Craiova airport being shut we then transitted home via Bucharest. Rumour has to this service, if it survives, will be retimed into an overnight for 2016 so perhaps good to do it in daylight.


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Obviously you’ll also want to look at the 87 phots, won’t you…?



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Puttgarden Train Ferry

With a free day in Copenhagen vice cancelled railtour, we decided to take a trip on the train ferry which connects Denmark and Germany between Rodby and Puttgarden. All trains are worked by ICE-TD tilting DMUs and a reasonably regular service operates between Hamburg and Copenhagen, the ferry service itself operates every half hour using four ships from a fleet of five.

We got off the Copenhagen-Hamburg at Puttgarden for the local cart forward to Oldenburg which made a nice plus half hour onto the summer dated 218 hauled IC service back to Puttgarden which produced, annoyingly, boring re-engined 218322.

Both Rodby and Puttgarden are shadows of their former selves from a railway point if view with a huge amount of disused sidings and running lines, with the opening of the Great Fixed Link in Denmark allowing through rail traffic to avoid the ferry and travel via Padborg the route via Puttgarden no longer sees any freight traffic and itself is planned to be replaced by a bridge which is due for completion in 2018.

Please see the individual photos for full captions.

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Denmark, September 2010

A Thursday to Sunday trip to Denmark in late September, primarily to cover a nohab railtour out of Copenhagen on the Saturday and sample the resident ‘ME Class’ large GM diesels. Unfortunately by this time all the fresh air stock and daytime electric loco hauled trains had finished, but the lines to Kalundborg and Nykobing offered a decent selection of diesel hauled turns to choose from.

More unfortunately, the railtour was cancelled so we didn’t manage to have a Nohab but did manage to spot a couple which had to do!

For full detailed descriptions please see individual photo pages – only added brief captions here.

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