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Meridian ‘vice’ – Munich November 2016

A few years back, Meridian won the tender to operate the Munich to Salzburg / Kufstein regional services and ordered a fleet of Flirts to operate them with. An early period of vice turns using 111s and Austrian 1142s soon ended when they units were eventually delivered and made to work. In February 2016 a tragic crash at Bad Aibling totally wrote off two units and pushing the fleet was found to be unsustainable, so over the summer a set of NX livered (!) stock was drafted in for an out and back peak turn. Locos are provided by Locomotion on a ‘kick-out’ basis at both ends, and have a varied fleet of both their own locos and hired in Railpool or ELL traction. This means that there is a huge variety in power, from elderly 139s to fresh out of the box Vectrons… Managed to eventually sort a day and a bit in late November that would give me three goes at ‘Locomotion Lottery’

So after a 245 out from the Hbf to Munich Ost, it was time to peer into the distance and see what turned up. 186441 was the answer. Now usually would be well happy with dropping a private traxx like this this, but in honestly I was after bigger fish!


186441 on arrival at Munich Hbf, M79410 0629 ex Kufstein

So after a days moves, it was back for the 1711 return to Kufstein. I’d seen 186441 on a line of locos beyond Munich Ost whilst going for EC113 and its pair of 1116s, so was fairly confident it would swap. 186102 however had been outside Munich shed all day pan up and lights on… But thats where it stayed, and as I rolled in with 218421 from Muhldorf little more than a ribbed side could be made out – but that was acceptable as it meant a 189 – new class for me! 189907 was duly caned in round town to Ostbahnhof.


189907 awaits the tip at Munich Ost on M79411 1711 Munich – Kufstein

Same story the next morning at Ost, but the arrival was up as ten late – perhaps a good sign of something elderly I thought but didn’t really believe. First thing to appear was 2×218 on the inbound Simbach, but then another red engine stormed alongside on the Meridian stock. Reports meant I had an idea what that meant – a ex-DB 151 freight co-co – happy days!


Look. At. That! 151060 at Munich Hbf on the blocks. 

Since I’ve been going abroad at least these are near unheard of on passenger trains – the odd banking duty and this turn is I’m pretty sure all thats been known. Meridian do have a couple in house colours but evidently ‘060 is yet to see the paintshop after transfer from DB, which to me at least makes it look even meaner. With that I was done in Munich and headed to Stuttgart before going home, there might have been a rather early celebratory beer in the barcar on the IC going north!


To show the variety this turn has produced, an absolute rarity these days, a quick search on ERG shows at least:

  • 139555
  • 151060, 151074
  • 185661, 185663, 185664
  • 186102, 186251, 186286, 186441
  • 189907, 189914, 189918
  • 193208, 193801, 193873

With a dedicated branded rake of stock perhaps it will run for a considerable time (six months and counting already) as they will presumably need additional EMUs building to replace it… Hopefully I’ll get another chance although I don’t know if they can top that 151!


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DB Dresden Weekend Apr 22-24

Just a long weekend as a few things we were after a go at came together. Flew late evening to Leipzig which was in time to have a quick scratch with remote control rod 363678 on the Berlin-Zurich CNL Shunt (legit!)


The next morning we were set for a day of good old fashioned doom bashing – the 143s on the Dresden-Chemnitz-Hof line having only two months left before replacment with new carts. We had planned to do the MRB 223 Leipzig – Chemnitz but due to digging took a unit half way, it was better than a bus anyway. Doubled back to get the other 223 then o to the trabbi’s, bagging seven winners.

Saturday was an early start for another private DMU, this was to intercept OSEF’s charter with a 232. We hadn’t managed to sort tickets for this so a part fare back to Dresden behind 232333 was all we did, as this wasn’t the planned “loud” 232 it wasn’t a great loss! Then up to Berlin for more spinning before flying back from Tegal on Sunday. Disappointed with this “better than Schonefeld, but that’s not saying much” airport, maybe next time the new one might finally be open!

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Quick trip to the DDR, March 2015

“It’s a new class, lets go for it” … always a good reaction to a gen post! Only a Friday-Sunday trip, but everything fell into place nicely. The main event was a OSEF Charter from Dresden to Nordhausen with ex-DR ‘boat’ 118552, now operated by ITL (228585) around which we were after new MRCE 182s on Halle-Eisenachs, 182021 at Dresden and whatever trabbi’s we could mop up.

Friday saw RB20 provide not one, two or three but FOUR new 182s – 513, 526, 565 & 595 being caned in, 120127 then providing a nice bonus across to Dresden via Leipzig’s new Low Level. We arrived Dresden to see my last DB 182 parked up on the standby set, hmmm…

The tour managed to run as booked Saturday, a pleasant change for Germany, then Sunday saw the 021 & its standby set shunt out as we left the hotel – so that was the first move sorted! Wasn’t many other winners about so took a trip on the Radeburg narrow gauge chuff before flying back.

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DB Weekend

Very quick trip courtesy of some cheap flights to Cologne to get some engines in the book for the year – most of you can probably guess what locations feature in the moves book!

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Germany and Swiss Quick Bash, Nov 14

Three day trip, flew to Basle on Friday but straight into Germany via Basle Bad to hit Freiburg which should have all been new, and was until Stuttgart’s 146201 turned up. On Saturday elected to stick with plan and head east to the Gaubahn hoping to pick up a 181 and maybe a 115 – my luck was in and 115383 dropped me onto 181209 then a top prize of 115114! Then into Switzerland for a brief first visit to fly back picking up locos along the way…

Link to erg post for more detailed loco/train gen

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Another quick bit of German Feb 2014

A short trip to cover yet another cancelled railtour in Germany – did what bits we could cover around Bremen/Hanover/Hamburg instead… Thankfully there was a decent haul still to be had and only had Ryanair cheapies to Bremen as usual!

These are a couple of weeks late getting on here for very boring reasons – captions on phots as usual

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Another quick bit of German Jan 2014

The crank department of DB Fernverkehr have been busy organising some old electric fun and games from the December  timetable change, so a combination of outstanding leave, a spare box and cheap flights saw a plan stitched together to get 2014 up and running, ned wise.

Out to be had were 3×115 diagrams on the ‘Gaubahn’ from Stuttgart and also in the area were both 103 diagrams and, yes, another MRCE Taurus for the book. Naturally, had the pen out for lots of Regio stuff aswell… Brief sojorn to Munich en-route flying back where the ‘Meridian’ private outfit have some hauled vice out with 111s and 182596.



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