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Balkans April 2014

A weekend around the Balkans leading up to the Kosovo Mercia Tour;

  • Flew to Podgorica with Ryanair for 24 hours in Montenegro
  • Day train over the stunning Bar to Belgrade line then a day in Belgrade
  • Belgrade to Skopje for a couple of 661s
  • Skopje to Kosovo for the charter in Kosovo and back to Macedonia
  • Indirect route home via Skopje-Charleroi flight and Eurostar


Macedonia and Kosovo – May 2012

A trip to Macedonia and Kosovo which was absolutely brilliant! 🙂

In short: Lots of sun, lots of noise, lots of rakia, lots of beer, lots of scenery, lots of cake, two nohabs and seven 661s!

Big thanks to Dan and Parker for making this such a good week.