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Romania October 2019

GFR are a large player in the Romanian private freight market, 60-1540 passes through Suceava Nord with a westbound liner.
Iasi remains a hotspot for CFR diesels with a near dozen ‘GM’ turns daily, 66-1132 departs Nicolina a few KM east of the main station, but helpfully positioned for the city centre, working the 1252 Iasi – Tecuci.
Despite the Iasi depot being solid GM, two Galati turns do bring traditional Sulzers into Iasi, here 60-1039 chirps away from Nicolina on the 1706 Iasi – Birlad
CFR Marfa 60-1233 catches the last of the evening light with a set of westbound Ukrainian box wagons, presumably heading to Suceava and across at Videl Siret.
Iasi retains two CFR 6LDA sulzers as station pilots, 80-0213 is seen here shunting stock off an arrival
The 0630 Galati – Cluj is an all day marathon and formed of just two DR style dostos, although quite nicely refurbished. 40-0194 in IC colours had re-engined at Iasi and seen here at Targu Frumos where we leapt to step up the following stopper
The Bacau-Bicaz branch is a remaining stronghold of 60/62 Sulzers with three daily diagrams. 60-1355 is seen at the pretty mountain resort of Piatra Neamt right on the southern edge of the Carpathians working the 0657 Bicaz-Bacau.
On the way back to Bucharest to fly home, 40-0626 pauses at the well kept shack of Peris on the 1534 Ploesti Sud – Bucharest which is formed of one of the refubished rakes of standard Eastern articulated deckers very few of which remain in use.
GFR operated DA “60-1512” sits looped Peris last week in the sun. This is a repatriated Chinese ND2, of which Electroputere made 248 according to wikipedia and is waiting to head to Chilita with a rake of oil tanks
More locos have gained Romanian flag livery which I personally like, 40-0734 is one seen here heading north at Peris

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24 hours in Romania, September 2017

A quick interlude to Buchurest to scoop in a handful of locos on local moves. Being a Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning doesn’t actually matter to much to the Romanians who run most trains on a daily timetable, unlike some other eastern countries there are plenty of trains but on the downside moves are quite difficult to do.

477-880 at Bucuresti with an afternoon departure in all its phoenix glory.

More interesting colours as 66-1298 (formerely know as 65-1298) in full flag livery having arrived with the 1650 from Targoviste. There is another GM and an electric in this livery are are no doubt used on VSOE’s and the like. Despite being 710 power units these are fairly entertaining rebuilds – you’d struggle to know they are bent Sulzers.

Covering the Sulzer turns was hard work with this being the only one viewed, 60-1120 kicked out on the 1900 Buchurest to Urziceni which we took for a run out. The diagram back was a Desiro, not even a GM or Jaffajunk like the others had been – great! We were a few weeks after the end of the summer timetable had ended which meant a much reduced chance of Sulzer’s but we didn’t expect Buchurest to be this barren for them.

  The next morning was a much brighter day and 40-0794 charges into Bucharest passing through Bucuresti  Triaj/Pajura – this station appears to have a different name depending on what side of the central island platform you stop at, despite all the lines ending up on the line to Chitila which is a tad confusing/pointless!

41-0928 stands at Videle with the 1215 Buchurest to Craiova again sporting a traditional headboard which do add a touch of colour and character!

65-1025 arrives at Videle on what is left of the Buchurest – Sofia / Istanbul – a single BDZ compo coach and a TCDD couchette. How the might have fallen… This was our ride out of Romania, and dud to boot – I’d only had five  Bucurest area engines previously and four of them decided to show themselves on trains that were in the move, obviously!

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Bulgaria September 2015

Still a top place! Most things managed to eventually fall into place nicely again for 2015’s Bulgaria trip, usual circular trip to cover the ground. Managed a dozen new BDZ locos and added a few more to the ‘active winners’ list for the next trip! Storming around behind classic Skoda electrics in fresh air compos, driven hard on single lines with little to no gen, let alone diagrams, perhaps bashing in its simplest form. Between trains 😉 managed a few phots of EA’s and also a pair of OBB Taurus which have now spread their wings this far East.

We also did the International service between Sofia-Budapest which goes over the new Danube II bridge between Vidin and Golenti. Due to Craiova airport being shut we then transitted home via Bucharest. Rumour has to this service, if it survives, will be retimed into an overnight for 2016 so perhaps good to do it in daylight.


Captions on each photos page

Obviously you’ll also want to look at the 87 phots, won’t you…?


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Hungary August (with a touch of CFR)

Six day wander around Hungary to pick up some of the summer kick outs this year…

Day 1 was around Debrecen after flying to the local airstrip (it cannot be described as an airport) from Luton

Day 2 popped across to Oradea to spin in a couple of CFR GMs then a long slog west to Gyor via Budapest

Day 3 was the Lake Balaton Ganz fest then the M61 back to Budapest from Tapolca

Day 4 was up to Miskolc for the day – absolutely no sniff of an M62 unlike every other report!

Day 5 bit of a circle to Szombathely out on the 232 but due to no others being out back via Celldomolk and more Ganz

Day 6 just around Budapest as couldn’t hack another early start to do much else!

No full captions (yet, maybe) but loco number and location provided, link to erg post for more gen

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Hungary October – Mercia Tour

As these are very late, I’ll get them up without captions. These will (probably) be added when I get some more time.

Basically – went to Hungary, had lots of dud MAV locos and partook in another most enjoyable Mercia Tour…

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Romania May 2011

Few phots from a day and a half around Bucharest, transit from Bulgaria via Ruse in both directions

As we spent most of the day touristing, only did a couple of leaps so most phots are just from hanging around Bucharest Nord station

For what happened in Bulgaria before Romania, click here

Or click here for Bulgaria part 2

For a full list of moves, see Dan’s website where he has bothered to type them all out

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