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Bulmarket (Бчлмаркет)  is the rail arm of a large Bulgarian oil and gas company which is based in Ruse on the Danube. They were the second operator to gain Class 87s and have a corporate livery which is basically DSB Black and Red because of the EAs they had first, but does look very good on 87009 and 87025.

Bulmarket’s fleet has been built up in a piecemeal fashion, with a small number of Danish EAs being purchased in 2007, and then as the company continued to win traffic, ex BR electrics being used to bolster the fleet.

Bulmarket Class 87: 87009 / 87017 / 87023 / 87025

All of these fine machines are in traffic, having been exported in 2012 and entering service in 2013.

As a point of difference, all four Bulmarket sevens are fitted with twin pans, 017 & 023 being done in the UK prior to export with the other pair modded at Koncar prior to entering service.

Bulmarket Class 86 (DSB EA): EA 3002 – 86001 / EA 3003 – 86002 / EA 3005 – 86003 / EA 3006 – 86004 / EA 3008 / EA 3009 – 86005

The EAs were exposed from Denmark in 2007, being overhauled at Koncar Podujane. EA3008 has never been used in Bulgaria and is withdrawn as a spares donor at Koncar Poduyane.

Bulmarket Canjunk: 86205 (86701) / 86213 / 86231 / 86233 (2011 – Spares Donor, Ruse Docks) /  86234 / 86235 / 86236 / 86260 (86702)

Bulmarket first lowered the tone of Bulgarian railways by importing 86233 in 2012 however they had the right idea by then abandoning it as a spares donor! In 2016 ETL/ACLG sold then six more cans for reactivation which are sadly entering service as of Autumn 2016. Search for something like for more info if you have to.

Bulmarket also operate a small number of ex-BDZ or ex-Industry Class 51/52/55 locos and a MDD4 “micro-rod” for shunting and trip work.

There is little solid gen on Bulmarket, probably around three or four departures from Ruse Docks daily and finding a ‘seven’ certainly requires patience and luck. We believe that the locos are simply in a common pool and it’s luck of the draw what goes on the train, unless you’re covering a known back working! However it does seem that shorter workings more likely to drop a seven unless it requires two or three locos then anything goes. Both pairs and top/tail workings have been viewed, again with the preference for a EA to lead due to the superior cab environment.

Bulmarket Traffic

Bulmarket operate to terminals across the country, with viewed workings to at least Ruse, Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Pleven and Varna areas. Personally, I believe much Bulmarket traffic is sporadic with few daily services – or we are just unlucky!

Ruse Sever

Plovdiv: Filipovo, Belozem, Plovdiv Raz

Dolno Ez. (Or area of?)

Sofia Sever

Pleven Zapad




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