NSB Museumtog to Andalsnes

Another quick weekend trip and for a change heading more north than east – to Norway. This was planned as a simple trip to cover a museum charter that covered the Andalsnes line with proper NSB power in recently preserved Di3b 642. We flew out Friday and unfortunately straight into a drivers strike at NSB that effectively decimated the move with many cancellations to what little hauled turns there should have been in the first place – so the Friday ‘peak’ move was cut down from seven potential locos to just three. Thankfully, we managed to not loose anything that really mattered but it was yet another trip with a few worried days before it!


El 18 2257 at Drammen working the 1546 Oslo – Bergen.


Classmate 18 2253 was our horse back from Drammen, working the 1017 ex Stavanger.


The next day, and after suffering some Flirt Deathtrap from Oslo, Di3 642 at Hamar awaiting departure time with its 0930 Adex to Hamar.


The run along the mainline beyond Lillehammer as the Nohab climbed up to Dombas was decent enough itself, but once on the branch the scenery just continued to notch up. The photostops were annoyingly policed sharply for track walking so this was the available view of Di3 642 at Verne, there is another level of track up the hillside to the right somewhere and then another on the valley floor a long way down to the left!


At Romdalshorn (?) in the shade of the mountains shortly before the dash into Andalsnes. The sun doesn’t get this far, creating that light show in the background.


Running round at Andalsnes after the loco had been turned. I believe this is because the EH equipment in these makes one end significantly louder so is avoided by drivers.


WOW! Di 3 642 at Andalsnes with fjords and mountains all around. It would work back at 16.30 to Hamar, there might not have been much at Andalsnes but absolutely worth the effort for that view, let alone the countless ones en-route….


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A Grumpy Saturday

Saturday 1 October – and the Czechs’ were throwing some shindig at Olomouc which offered the promise of some tasty ‘grumpy’ action with three loud 749/751s booked out. There were additionals running from both Brno and Veseli n M up to Olomouc, then a further round trip between Olomouc and Domaslov on the line towards Opava. Some chuff was also involved but I elected to scoop a pair of 163s whilst that was boiling up.

cd_751010_vyskov751010 standing in for an AWOL 751001 at Vyskov na Morave working the 0802 Brno – Olomouc Additional. It was detached here from the goggle and 0802 Brno – Frenstadt service train that it had been pushing from Brno! The 721 on the right was also working some charter, it all happens in CZ…

cd_hanzalik_749263_omcThe open day was a rather cramped affair and required far more patience than I have to get any real phots, here is Hanzalik’s (silenced) 749263 inside the shed. This was an unexpected appearance, working with 751010 between Prostejov and Olomouc in both directions. I can only assume Mr Hanzalik, being Czech, wanted in on the T478.1 action, and who could blame him?!

cd_749250_domasov749250 at Domalsov after a superb run up the hill from Olomouc. This loco is basically now the local pet and only gets out a few times a year but it is still an absolute animal on the volume front. Sorry about the phot being naff mind!

cd_749265_domasov749265 (silent) at Domaslov ready to take us back to Olomouc in a rather different fashion to ‘250s ascent. I believe this one still sees use around Sumperk vice 750’7 occasionally.

cd_751010_olomouc751010 at Olomouc ready to return to Brno…

cd_hanzalik_749263… with 749263 ready to assist on the rear

cd_751002_vnm1 cd_751002_vnm2

Having done ‘010 in the morning, I took 751002 back on the 1608 Olomouc to Veseli nad Moravou Additional which is seen here on arrival before being shunted to its home in the roundhouse.

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*RARE* Field Standing Action

Being somewhat lazy and most content with platform phots, it generally requires something of significant interest to make me dash to a lineside location. As there is no danger of me getting most of this trip (or the one before) uploaded any time soon, here is one of those occurrences:


Between Goggle (and an 810) leaps along Table 170, my sunbathing at Turčianske Teplice was disrupted by the sighting of a freight being recessed at Diviaky at the bottom of the hill. Once it got the road there was no doubt it was something worth my time – 751047, 751035 and 751084 making a fine racket drawing a cement train up the bank heading south towards Horna Stubna.

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CD Class 210 Olympic Gala

POZOR 210s!

As part of “Czech Team Olympics” taking place in a few venues across country whilst the proper Olympics take place in Rio, the Rybnik – Lipno line is holding an ABSOLUTE GALA of shuttles with 210s everywhere!

We actually fell into thi as were planning to be in the part of the world anyway, and turned up on the second day. There were no fewer than six 210s on passenger service, plus one as station pilot at Bud. The usual two local turns, plus two sets top and tail through from Ceske Bud which came down in the morning to work shuttles between Vyssi Brod and Lipno all day before returning to Bud late evening. Being a Friday, there was also an overnight but given the deckers we didn’t fancy the 0245 Lipno – Ceske Bud, however much of a riot it may have been! Although the weather wasn’t great as the stock was all deckers which might not have been great had it been 30+ degrees to be honest.

210021, 210023 (on loan from Brno), 210039, 210045, 210057 & 210059 were all out on the day. Sadly 210058 stayed spare on Bud but that was made up for in some ways with a cheeky shunt behind 210055…

Captions on the photos, and yes I am miles behind on getting stuff uploaded. Made a start on some of the BG pages in fairness mind!


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June Grumpy Tour Goodness!

Non-Profit Railtours “The Longest Day” and associated 749/751 action… An absolutely superb few days with many many km’s behind these locos of the loud variety that didn’t miss a beat despite the high temperatures, reasonable load and agressive driving technique – yes, even through Slovakia!

Sat: 749253+751010 Ceske Kamenice to Praha KZC Additional (for some local event, free)

Sun: 749006 Praha Vrsovice to Tanvald and return (service train vice goggle, fixed)

Tue-Thu: NFP Railtour, 749259 assisted by ZSSK’s 751035, 752023 & 752046

Sat: 749259 Praha – Beroun. KZC service to Rakovnik that runs every week with 253 or 259 if you need a 749 fix. It was too hot to spend five hours at Rakovnik for me so I headed east to ned around Plzen instead.

Photos before/around/after the tour (incl the 770 trip) will hopefully be posted soon!


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002, M11, June 2016

002 Central

Not too sure many words are needed. Broken skoda and restricted canjunk meant they turned to the premium power. Most of this years workings have been one trip wanders, but this time Freightliner took over a week to rustle up a replacement so I managed a first trip of the year.

In lesser matters, GBRf seem to be finally getting towards their own locos actually being serviceable – the 73’9s are finally out and about in varying numbers, and 92014 has been “fixed” enough to be trusted with the Carstairs portion. If it and it’s classmates makes a reappearance on the main trains there will probably be a few more posts like this later in the year…

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Bulgaria May 2016

Another excellent week in this land of real railways.

Class 87s in separate post as I was taking far more photos than usual. Blame Gaz.

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