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Regiojet Brno Bohumin Vectrons

From the December 2019 timetable change, R8 services between Brno and Bohumin were put out on a tendered basis as the Czechs sadly move away from CD into a Balkanised mess of a system. On the upside, this did leave a Vectron harvest available with RJ using Lokotrain as provider who in turn generally hire disploks from ELL. The use of an EP Cargo branded – part of lokotrain – Czech registered 383 was a bonus. These are all phots from January 2020 hence the general greyness! Stock is a combination of ex-SNCB compos for FC, gyppo coaches off the RJ commerical routes and former CNL couchettes which vary from tarted up to absolutely hanging, the latter generally used on Fridays and Sundays to strengthen otherwise standard 5-coach rakes of stock.

193221 arrives into Ostrava
193757 leans into the curve approaching Studenka
Some late and early services terminate at Brno Hl rather than continuing to Kralove Pole, 193222 is seen after an unexpected arrival in the bay platforms with a goggle off the Jihlava line alongside.
193762 hammers into Suchdol. Some of the drivers seem more than entertained by the power on hand for the loads.
383062 at Brno Kralove Pole. Most trains run here for turnaround out the way of other traffic.
After running round, 383061 arrives back into Brno heading for Bohumin
And a reminder of the old order with 362046 and 362163 crossing at Nezamyslice in October 2018

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