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Rhb December Day

619 in advertising livery at Chur waiting to work a late evening departure to Landquart. Due to engineering work on the Disentis line these trains were starting short at Chur with a mixture of locos and carts.
A horrendous alarm to be up for 701 on the 0510 Chur – Samedan mixed. A whopper of a train, one coach, two wagons and a Bo’Bo’Bo narrow gauge electric. These locos are RhB’s freight heavyweights and are not as threatened by the introduction of new carts although likely to lose passenger work again if trains like this drop off.
The move back of 701 was a very unexpected kick out of 1947 (yes, 1947) vintage Ge 4/4 of the original batch on the 0511 Samedan – Chur. This is a one way diagram with the loco returning on a freight so a right fall on and justifying the early alarm! These locos had all been withdrawn from traffic in 2010, but some have returned in connection with additional freights created by the building of the second Abula tunnel.
The weather completed changed the other side of the Verenia tunnel, Landquart and Klosters being in thick fog. 611 & 614 pass at Sagliains. The main driver of the trip, introduction of new Stadler deathtraps is delayed so much of the RhB should remain loco-hauled further into next year however these locos are now firmly in their twilight, although 611 itself is earmarked to enter the heritage fleet.
615 at S-Chanf on the 1102 Pontresina – Scoul
614 departing S-Chanf on the 1202 Pontresina – Scoul
642, one of the 1990s built 641 class, at Landquart with an afternon Disentis – Scoul train which it was working vice 611. These locos are being overhauled to work with newly delivered push-pull sets of plastic coaches to work primarily Chur – St Moritz with basically everything else due to be turned over to carts within 12-18 months sadly.

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