The Trains: Ruse ABS

You wouldn’t expect any other loco really would you? 87026 leads some box wagons here.

“The Ruse” – BZK Air Braked Service Razdelna to Ruse and return

One of only a few solid BZK workings, a daily freight runs between Razdelna and Ruse Razpredelitelna. A classic air braked service, it moves whater needs moving between Razdelna, the BZK yard for the Varna area and Ruse Raz, a large marshalling yard for the Ruse area and forwarding point over the Friendship Bridge to Romania. Absolutely all sorts of wagons are carried and loads also go from one wagon to lots! 

Loco wise, the turn is often an out and back turn however it is used to cycle locos off the Pirdop acid tanks across to Ruse for maintenance/repair at Express Services. Both 87s and CFR 40s are turned out, often in combination. As with other traffic, in the event of a mixed formation expect the ’40’ to lead with the seven inside. Three locos are not unusual and generally one will be put on the back, although pairs seem more common on this train.

Generally whatever is at Razdelna early morning gives you a good idea of what will work, as it is the only regular daytime departure. Just when you think you’ve worked it out however, the next day there will be a total turnover!

The Trains

BZK Air Braked
DTV 90680 Morning Razdelna – Ruse Raz (2850T) via Table 900
DTV 90681 Evening Ruse Raz – Razdelna (2400T) via Table 900

They do enjoy digging up the Varna to Ruse route, which will see services retimed and/or diverted.

87003 at Razdelna ready for a lift to Ruse behind a CFR 40. The tank wagons tower over Patriot!

This combination is sadly common! 40-0409, one of the regular pests, leads 87029 and empty flats

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