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Some Danish Stuff

1527 depart Kobenhaven H with a westbound service

3010 Osterport. These electrics retain two diagrams on Ringsted stoppers, most of the class now being in Bulgaria.

The EA electrics and ME diesels share similar body characteristics as seen here at Osterport with 1508 departing before 3007 would follow it out.

The newer red livery does look smart, if a bit bland. 1531 sits at Naestved prior to working back to Kobenhaven via the new line through Koege Nord. These trains avoid the usual bashing corridor of Valby/Hoeje Taastrup/Roskilde so a little unhelpful although most go out one way and back the other so can still be picked up without resorting to Kopenhaven tunnel leaps.

Late evening sun at Roskidle with 1532 in fairly smart old colours. Some of teh blue locos are a right mess with stickers, vinyl, paint and/or graffiti all over the show.

1520 powers away on the next departure, think this was going to Holbaek.

MY 1135 leading MY 1101 inside the DSB at Odense after working a charter from Odense. The nose of MY1129 which is positioned outside the main roundhouse which is full of old stuff. MY 1112 is inside with its side stripped away to show its internals and MZ 1401 was the only other mainline diesel on site.

MY 1135 and MY 1101 departing Aarhus after working the return charter. MY 1101 is unsilenced and a complete animal, I thought the Kosovan ones were decent but this loco is something else and well worth a go now it has hopefully returned to charter operation – this was the DSB museums first advertised charter for a few years.


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Flixtrain Vectrons

From the end of 2018, traction on the “Flixtrain” open-access former HKX route between Hamburg and Cologne was changed from MRCE Taurus to new Railpool Vectrons. Very green stickers followed for the locos allocated to these cheap and cheerful intercity services which offer bargain advanced fares and on-the-day cheap short leaps for the basher to score them. Decent length trains of ex-IR and couchette coaches are provided by BTE.

There are currently three Vectrons booked to be used, with a MRCE Taurus or HUPAC Vectron occasionally used as backup.

193827 at Hamburg Harburg on the 0831 Hamburg to Cologne looking good in the morning sun with matching coaches behind it.

193813 at Dusseldorf on the 1601 Cologne – Hamburg. This loco was previously in Siemens white so window surrounds are different to those on ‘827 which are standard Railpool silver/black.

From late May, a new train pair between Berlin and Cologne started with 193826 put into a european branded livery presumably in connection with the European elections taking place around the same time. Presumably the loco will go all over green so its seen here on the 0811 Berlin Sudkreuz – Cologne at Duisburg.

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Some Hektors…

Not a class I often fall onto photos of, let alone have, although a fair few plod about the place – 720s. Been a bit more forefront this year…

720139 of CD Museum trundles out of Praha hlavni on what I belive to be a Luzna to Olomouc stock move which it worked as far as Liben. Apr 2019.

This was a juicy bonus scratch off the spreadsheet! The Usti nad Labem to Zubrnice usual M131 cart had collapsed so the weekends services were in the hands of Strabag Rail 720567, an ex-industrial loco that there seems to be very little information about but now spends most of its time on pw trains. May 2019.

There is an annual Hektor working from Hradec Kralove towards Letohrad for some kind of mass walking and 720040 was doing the honors this year, seen shunting around Hradec prior to departure.

We bailed at Castolovice where the 720 is seen departing on the 0821 Hradec K – Litnice n Orlici special. We had the front coach to ourselves as all the normals decided to wedge themselves into the wooden boxes, unfortunately this specimin of Hektor is well and truly stuffed!

Zubrnice line again – but this one was known about. Due to the Spring Fayre at the top of the line and the DMU still being broke, Posazavaky Pacific’s 720108 and two Balm trailers were in use all weekend. They had previously advertised their wooden box M131 plus “heritage” 810 combo so this was somewhat more impressive!

720108 after bringing the 1210 from Usti Strekov up the hill. Line is well worth doing if hauled and convenient, this trip can be made off either morning KZC departure and then get back to Mseno for the return too with only minimal cart mileage to Mseno itself.


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Spot the Difference!

IDS operate two of these old girls in Czech Republic, one is ex BDZ 43523 and the other is ex CD 242263. The new numbers do not tell you anything accurate of the locos past, put both are seen here parked at Hodonin in April 2019 with a couple of giveaways visible.


The ex BDZ locos are detailed over here, everything else is CD no matter what the number or platform 5 publications say!

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87s Abroad Abroad -2

Just in case Bulgaria wasn’t exotic enough for a retirement party, the fleet of sevens based there also manage to work onto other foreign soils…


Whilst BZK are part owned by Romanian GFR, any obvious international working from Ruse is stopped by the lack of an electrified route over the Danube and up to Videle on the Bucharest mainline. The new crossing between Vidin and Golenti is electrified but again then is isolated from the rest of Romania by an unelectrified stretch up to Criaiova, and has no known freight traffic. It should be noted that many BZK trains are worked into Romania, but GFR have a fleet of ex CFR 60 types (and also some ex-Chinese ND2s!) which handle these. Similarily, Bulmarket use Romanian carriers beyond Ruse.

However, one working has surfaced. 87012 was sent for overhaul at Reloc (Electroputere) Craiova and upon completion a single photo of the loco, pan up, emerged.. Courtesy of “EA1-Belbita-108”

87012, believed to be at Craiova, Romania, on a test run off overhaul at the former Electroputere Works. January 2015.

Verdict: Once only, 87012 on a test run(s)


Bulgarian locos have a long history of working onto Serb soil at Dimitrovgrad (ZS) which is a few KMs beyond the border point at Kalotina Zapad. Whilst some BDZ diesels have worked through in the past due to a Serb loco situation often even more desperate than the Bulgarian one, the route to Nis is diesel which precludes 87s working any further. There is a booked trip from Ilyantsi daily under BZK operation which takes wagons fed from across the country and also less regular Bulmarket workings. They will be worked through Serbia by a ZS 661 – if only the passenger trains were the same!!

Verdict: Regular, BZK and Bulmarket with all sorts of wagons

87026 at Dragoman, the limit of domestic Bulgarian operations. Serbia is to the west behind the train through a pass in the mountains to Dimitrovgrad (ZS)


December 2016 saw completion of electrification between Dimitrovgrad (BG) and Kapikule which allowed electric operation between Bulgaria and the European side of the Bosphorus. As far as I am aware, Bulgarian locos (well, non-TCDD locos!) work to Kapikule and then hand over to TCDD. Bulmarket have a few regular trains which are worked by their own engines to Kapikule, the locos then return light to Svilengrad on the Bulgarian side to stable. Traffic includes a transit intermodal to Servia and also general traffic to/from Ruse, both of which have been pictured in the hands of sevens, albeit often in mixed pairs.

Verdict: Semi-regular appearances by the Bulmarket four under usual Bulmarket anything goes loco allocation strategy


87023 at Kapikule, Turkey. Photo (with thanks): Иван Тодоров

Not bad for a class brought for a single mainline to be seeing these sights, and who knows what might happen if Turkey ever embraces open-access, with a tunnel under the Bosphorus perhaps Asia beckons!!?

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Douro Take 2, March

Swap time at Regua, 1415 ready with the 2010 to Pocinho which was replacing 1413 which had worked from Marco and is sitting behind. This was an excellent occurance for us as it put 1415 which we had previously missed on the daytime Pocinho Saturday

1455 Rede, 0805 Marco to Regua

1415 at Pocinho in the afternoon sun. I really do think these look better on orange!

1415 at Aregos on the 1522 Pocinho to Marco waiting to cross 1455 on the other set

With all three locos working the 2010 at Regua was swapping again, 1455 and two coaches are waiting to relieve 1415 and go forward as load four (booked on Saturday nights for Sundays train)

Sunday was the turn of 1413 to arrive at Rede on the 0805 Marco Regua.

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February 2019 Grumpy Railtour

Another winter Schwartz-ex and associated fix in the snow…


Saturday saw 749107 fixed vice goggle on the 0913 Praha Vrsovice – Tanvald and 1550 return including two chartered compo coaches which were shunted to lead both ways, seen here ready to head back to Praha.


Sunday morning was near whiteout for many hours, 749121 had worked from Praha via Rudna and Beroun here to Chrast u Plzne where we had an additional photostop due to waiting for a unit. Said unit was caped when it arrived here and its few passengers put on the tour to go up the Radnice line.


Stupno, half way up the branch and another long stop whilst the dug the points out to run the engine round (using that track on the left under the snow) – the snow was heavy enough that by the time it had run round you could no longer see the rails it had covered.


We did manage Radnice! 121 prior to running round. This tour was planned to be Retrolok’s 749146 however it had traction motor issues before the tour so ‘121 was substituted albeit not the best its ever been driven, unfortunately.


Late afternoon and still the snow was falling, here at an artic looking Pobezovice the final reversal of the day before an overnight stop at Klatovy


Next morning saw the sun out for the run from Klatovy to Zelzna Ruda which was new track for the class to me. At a very, very snowy Spicak we stopped for photos as the goggle coming the other way was late – no surprise in these conditions! Yes the snow drifts here were taller than me!


749121 in Germany (just) having popped over the border to run round. The German end of the station is Bayerisch Eisenstein whilst the loco is about to cross back to the Czech end which known as Železná Ruda-Alžbětín. There are markings on the platform which most of the tour was involved in selfies with marking the border.


A cross-country route back to Praha included Pisek Mesto


and the branch across to Horni Cerekev where we waited a path on to Jihlava and Haviluckuv Brod

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