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MAV Balaton Retro Diesel Gala Weekend

This summer, MAV organised two “retro” weekends on table 29 around the north shore of Lake Balaton. Despite only a few weeks notice, a plan was hatched to get over for the second over the first weekend of August 2019. These weekends have replaced the previous years use of booked summer M61 or M62 power on certain trains and instead concentrate things into gala weekends. Roll on the 2020 event hopefully!

M40 114 at Aszofo on Saturdays’ 0908 Tapolca – Balatonfured stopper, vice DMU. This loco was not in the best of health and staggering around, so was looped here for the Nohab it should have made at Balatonfured.
Said Nohab, M61 019 in a shiny coat of orange paint, at Tapolca prior to working the 1238 Zahony. As usual the majority of Hungarian interest was aimed at this loco. On the left is 418126 which had worked the Pecs-Tapolca turn.
Remaining trains were in the hands of usual M41 Ganz. 418148 has 418149 dead inside on the 1438 Tapolca – Budapest. I had planned to be on this rather than alongside as winner ‘149 had been dragged down from Szekesfehervar to work it, but had duly blown up at departure time so ‘148 was taken off a later departure and bolted back on to drag it back just like it had brought it down!
M62 194 in full retro livery, complete with heritage painted stock, is seen near Tapolca on the last stretch of the 0649 ex Zahony’s journey.
The ‘classic’ M62 was provided by M62 089 which departs Tapolca on the 1540 Budapest. The genny van is tucked inside to supply the EMU-trailer style coaches which are the usual summer stock for these trains. It also helped the passengers avoid suffocation from the amount of thick black clag being produced in some fine Sergei style.
Sunday now and after spinning some electrics on the south side I did the boat move across, M62 194 is seen again between Badascony and Badacsonylábdihegy on the 0649 Zahony – Tapolca.
Due to M40 114’s inept performance, M40 209 was sent down to do most of the work. The pair are seen at Balatonfured paired nose-to-nose prior to working the 1740 Tapolca local. Hungarian wikipedia reckons that M40 209 is actually ex M40 225. Either way it sounded much louder too.
The M40s at Revfulop crossing an M41.
MAV even got into the spirit of it with M41 allocations, M41 165 was a nice kick out on the 1838 Tapolca – Budapest having run to Tapolca ECS. As a Hatvan loco i’m not entirely sure how it managed to get involved, but here it is rolling into Badascony.

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CZ July – Corpus Christi Weekend Diesels

749259 at Rakovnik after arriving with KZC’s 0909 from Praha via Beroun. It had run round its pair of Bmx trailers and pushed here to stable for the day.
When a steam ban drops something big out – 700001 recently fettled at Luzna was a very good choice to work a return to Beroun which is seen here at Rozotky u Krivoklatu pausing to cross a unit. With wooden boxes leading for the downhill trundle there wasn’t much to write home about…
Going back uphill on the 1612 Beroun – Luzna was much better! As there wasn’t a move to intercept ‘259 we leapt off at Mestecko u Krivoklatu for a unit back to Beroun – as the line twists and turns up the valley this just happened to be near perfect for a phot too
Next day was a more usual outing, taking 749006 on the Jicin then across to Turnov for a new class in 710866 on the 1332 Turnov – Semily ‘Ceskym Rajem’ summer working which this 50-year old shunter shares running dates with steam on, seen here leaving Zelzny Brod.
A couple of carts later and another Jicin afternoon photo of 749006 at Jicin prior to working the 1654 Praha. Due to engineering work on table 70, this was diverted from Vsetaty to Lysa n L where the train was combined with 749253 on the return Mseno back to Praha via Celakovice
Another summer grumpy tour that began cloudy, 749162 of IDS was the power of choice and is seen at Lomy Morina quarry, a few kms down a branch from Nucice. The jazzy stock was provided by train operator KDS, who are big fans of the paintbrush.
Passing back through Praha hl n and slight disapointment at not getting a clear run through the centre road was eased by this cheeky phot of 111035 from the corridior after it had brought in the stock of the 1145 Munich from Praha Jih CS.
Due to yet more can we/can’t we issues a number of sidings around Caslav where dropped from the itinerary and replaced by an evening run from Praha to Dobris and return which certainly suited the majority. 749162 at Dobris with some logs for company as ever!

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CZ July Day 1

Thursday before the Czech July holiday long weekend and we’d spotted a few things in the week that were worth a look. As there wasn’t a cloud to be seen went for an afternoon’s photting session too, partly avoid some very very wedged trains as half the country was on the move.

754061 is an elusive ‘goggle’ as its based at Decin for standby duties only. It however had been reported working a morning Rumburk – Kolin service and return, its seen here at Kolin adding a trailer to the rear of what would become the 0944 Kolin – Rumburk
151011 and loads LOTS storm through Chocen with the 0459 Warsaw Wsch – Praha. The Warsaw portion is somewhere in the middle, fresh air “Friday” coaches on the front (to go back Thursday before the holiday weekend) and all sorts further back too.
Due to engineering work between Hradec Kralove and Tyniste nad Orlici the branch from the latter down the mainline at Chocen was being worked by isolated locos. As it was new track was worth covering anyway so we went for a nose – spotting the 111 from the breakfast car of a fast gorilla – and doubling back to Chocen for this the 1257 departure to Tyniste nad Orlici.
111019 pausing at Cermna nad Orlici whilst working the 1257 Chocen – Tysnite nad Orlici.
371005 has avoided corporate colours and returned from overhaul at Prerov outshopped in the classes original red and cream. Nicely this still includes cast plates which are generally now replaced by stickers, sadly due to theft. Its seen here near Brandys nad Orlici working the 1231 Luhacovice – Praha semi-fast
362111 and just two suburban coaches are working the 1343 Brno – Chocen, which is one of very few hauled trains currently booked out of Brno Hlavni to the north.
Slovak Gorilla 350016 was entrusted to the 0940 Budapest – Praha, again seen near Brandys nad Orlici running around 45 late
Ex SNCB 1209, now refurbished by CZ Loko and on lease to CER Cargo as “365004”, heads west with a train of tanks. More of these locos are in service now with contracts signed for all of them to (eventually) be re-instated with private freight operators.
151019 comes through Brandys nad Orlici working the 1022 Krakow / 0822 Warsaw – Praha. Not sure what the random MAV coach mid-consist is, with an ex-OBB further back and the CD bar behind the loco it makes for a lovely rake to phot

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Poland June 2019

A long overdue return for a long weekend based in Warsaw covering some narrow gauge lines, hired MRCE Vectron and usual selection of EU07s.

First port of call was a cart out to Rogow to cover the narrow gauge which was operating due to it being a holiday weekend. After an hour of absolutely nothing happening Lxd2-264 emerged from the shed to work the 1035 Rogow Osob – Jezow where it is seen here running round.
Lxd2-264 poses at Rogow Osob with the lunchtime KWRRB departure for Jezow. This is very accessible from the Warsaw-Lodz mainline which is out of sight to the left. Very pleased to get this Lxd2 Maybach rather than their other working loco which is a glorified lawnmower!
Due to a shortage of their own Taurus currently able to operate in Germany, PKP have hired MRCE 193626 to work a Berlin-Warsaw trainpair daily. Here it brings the empties for the 1559 Berlin into Warsaw Wschodnia
New(ish) PESA diesel junk SU160-003 arrives at Radzyn Podlaski with the 0839 Warsaw Zach – Chelm. This was “only” 80L, we had leapt off the one that should have been three hours in front on a plus 15 after a complete BLS tour of freight lines between Warsaw and Minsk M including a run round due to some farce on the mainline.
Still PKP’s core workhorses, EU07-325 arrives at Wschodnia with a Gydnia to Krakow TLK.
New to traffic in 1967, EU07-013 pauses at Wschodnia still in frontline service with the 0815 departure from Świnoujście New to traffic in 1967, EU07-013 pauses at Wschodnia still in frontline service with the 0815 departure from Świnoujście.
EP09-019 is one of now few locos which retain variants of the national livery which a number were painted in last year to celebrate the centenary of the Second Polish Republic’s foundation. Its worked the 0557 Ostrava Svinov – Warsaw Wschodnia which includes a full PKP resturant wagon before the more usual CD rake.
Lxd2-465 at Piaseczno Miasto with the Saturday afternoon trip down the remnants of a once large 750mm network south of Warsaw, which a connecting bus from Centralna helpfully operates for each Saturday. It runs as far as Szczaki Złotokłos, run round, forward to a field where everyone has a BBQ/drive engine/drinks for a few hours before returning. This one has a Polish built WOLA power unit as is much louder than the Maybach one sampled at Rogow.
EP07-544 has EP07-390 dead inside for a trip on the 0821 Warsaw Zachodnia to Brest. The Polish locos work throughout over dual gauge track in Belarus.

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Single Cab Diesels

Some photos of smaller diesel types from a recent quick trip. WordPress have changed their editor and it seems to particularly dislike images being entered individually so whilst I work out how it now works things might look a bit more scrappy!

721073 sitting at Bratislava on two empty sleeper vehicles, probably being taken around to Nove Mesto. In termperatures of around 30, the Velke Hektor was evidently a bit hot as the crew opened the grills on the offside!

714203 departs Hlucin on the 1636 to Opava Vychod with three wheelie bins in tow. I flagged it for a phot and direct bus back to Ostrava.
703044 at Mnichovo Hradiste on an early doors additional from Bakov n Jizerou to Turnov in connection with a Kolej Klub open day at Turnov depot.
This wasn’t in the plan! 714222 appearing vice 814 on the 0931 Liberic – Rovensko bikex at Turnov had to be taken as a winner
And my luck was in with 742383 vice goggle the train back, seen here after shunting to the reception line at Turnov having worked the 0840 ex Praha Vrsovice.

Peserved on Turnov depot is “Milka” 714001, which you’ll notice looks very different from those above. Its ex 735117 and was only rebuilt internally maintaining the larger body of the T466 donor. Unfortunately it is kaput!

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Some Danish Stuff

1527 depart Kobenhaven H with a westbound service

3010 Osterport. These electrics retain two diagrams on Ringsted stoppers, most of the class now being in Bulgaria.

The EA electrics and ME diesels share similar body characteristics as seen here at Osterport with 1508 departing before 3007 would follow it out.

The newer red livery does look smart, if a bit bland. 1531 sits at Naestved prior to working back to Kobenhaven via the new line through Koege Nord. These trains avoid the usual bashing corridor of Valby/Hoeje Taastrup/Roskilde so a little unhelpful although most go out one way and back the other so can still be picked up without resorting to Kopenhaven tunnel leaps.

Late evening sun at Roskidle with 1532 in fairly smart old colours. Some of teh blue locos are a right mess with stickers, vinyl, paint and/or graffiti all over the show.

1520 powers away on the next departure, think this was going to Holbaek.

MY 1135 leading MY 1101 inside the DSB at Odense after working a charter from Odense. The nose of MY1129 which is positioned outside the main roundhouse which is full of old stuff. MY 1112 is inside with its side stripped away to show its internals and MZ 1401 was the only other mainline diesel on site.

MY 1135 and MY 1101 departing Aarhus after working the return charter. MY 1101 is unsilenced and a complete animal, I thought the Kosovan ones were decent but this loco is something else and well worth a go now it has hopefully returned to charter operation – this was the DSB museums first advertised charter for a few years.

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Flixtrain Vectrons

From the end of 2018, traction on the “Flixtrain” open-access former HKX route between Hamburg and Cologne was changed from MRCE Taurus to new Railpool Vectrons. Very green stickers followed for the locos allocated to these cheap and cheerful intercity services which offer bargain advanced fares and on-the-day cheap short leaps for the basher to score them. Decent length trains of ex-IR and couchette coaches are provided by BTE.

There are currently three Vectrons booked to be used, with a MRCE Taurus or HUPAC Vectron occasionally used as backup.

193827 at Hamburg Harburg on the 0831 Hamburg to Cologne looking good in the morning sun with matching coaches behind it.

193813 at Dusseldorf on the 1601 Cologne – Hamburg. This loco was previously in Siemens white so window surrounds are different to those on ‘827 which are standard Railpool silver/black.

From late May, a new train pair between Berlin and Cologne started with 193826 put into a european branded livery presumably in connection with the European elections taking place around the same time. Presumably the loco will go all over green so its seen here on the 0811 Berlin Sudkreuz – Cologne at Duisburg.

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