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Some shiny PKP

Currently really struggling to be motivated to upload anything at the moment despite sitting around the entire time, but two colourful locos from Poland are presented here from earlier when we were briefly allowed to go out

In express orange livery, EP08-001 stands at Poznan working one of PKP’s top link services, EIC1800 the 1734 Warsaw Wsch-Szczecin, vice EP09. A fine way to spend the evening in the bar car as we stormed west, September 2020.
In its retro colours, SM42 462 waits departure time at Leba with the afternoon TLK to Warsaw. This steeply graded, heavily forested branch from Lebork to the seaside sees trains for only a short summer season and both diagrams were being worked by unrebuilt SM42s on this day in Aug 2020.

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August 2020, finally, a quick trip

Its been a long six months! Just a weekend trip this but fingers crossed the next six months will be something of a recovery to normal standards…

754012 drags 242221 wrong road into Tisnov on the 0538 Ostrov n O-Breclav service, due an earlier derailment and resultant OHL damage they were dragging between Rikonin and Kurim
363050 is spending August on hire to CD due to a reported shortage of passenger traincrew around Ceske Bud. It is working the 0921 Brno – Plzen away from Protivin. 362s are making inroads onto 242 turns on these interregional services, but I won’t complain too much when it was Cargo on in big letters
Back to basics – 242201 and 242244 cross at Protivin working locals between Bud, Pisek and Razince. There is a significant uplift in hauled stoppers out of Bud now, and the micropanther reliability is as dicey as ever for 4/4 diagrams resulting in regular vice aswell.
751219, sadly silenced, has an annual outing from Ostrava to Mala Moravka for the blueberry festival. This years festival was cancelled due to CV19 however then reinstated on an “unofficial” basis and the tour was back on.
751219 at Svetla Hora half way down the branch pausing to cross the service train, which this summer is being worked by Junior Markets 710466
Which is seen arriving on the 1134 Bruntal – Mala Moravka. The “booked” micro has presumably been deemed underpowered for the branch which is the steepest non-cog standard gauge in CZ.
The booked “pair” of Gorillas on Saturdays 1427 Zilina – Praha (from Bohumin) produced 151027 and 151023 unsurprisingly dead inside.
Dire photo that i wouldn’t usually have bothered with, but six months since some of this sees 749253 at Melnik on the Mseno. Good run too, the assault on Satalice bank out of Vysocany certainly something for sore ears!

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Some Swiss stuff Dec 2019

All action at Morgues with (wikipedia reckons) the entire BAM loco fleet involved in one freight. It had arrived off the narrow gauge with the ridiculous looking (standard gauge buffers above the headlight!) 21/22, shunters 147/152 involved in the gauge changer and just visible ex-BLS 420506 ready to take the train out on the mainline. Typically all passenger trains are some cart rubbish.
11199 and a rake of bangers with 11197 powering on the rear make the station call at Montreux working a Geneve-Brig IR vice the usual 460 and IC set.
“Jellymould” 460058 is the booked form for Geneve-Brig services and seen here propelling out of Montreux.
Being a total amateur in Switzerland and a far too high number of dud 460s appearing when “MOB” 6003 dropped out on the narrow gauge out of Montreaux I leapt on for a run up the hill to Chernex. I think its a loco…
End of November, so doom bashing of some high order on SOB, a private Luzern-St Gallen route which was going over on totality to some flirt deathtraps the following weekend. Three of six sets were hauled including lurid 446018 seen here.
BLS 420504 arrives at Erlanbach with a Zweisimmen to Interlaken service last week. Given BLS are supposed to have six of these available for two diagrams, i was unimpressed with the swines providing a cart to come here instead of the other diagrammed 4/4 hauled set…
Baden is the spin shack for Re 4/4 moves on the xx36 Zurich-Basel services, which are now the most concentrated work for the class. 11139 is seen here at dusk.
And an hour later 11153 and 11146 paired for a bigger load on the 1736 Zurich – Basle commuter. Double decker doom carts have now made significant inroads into passenger work for these locos on SBB mainline passenger.

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Harzer Schmalspurbahnen

First to admit the hypocrisy as never usually one for kettles or tourist orientated narrow gauge, but the Harz lines in East Germany are a worthy exception. Phots from a few trips, have only done Wernigerode to Brocken with the main fleet of 99.23 which are massive 2-10-2 tank engines of a “modern” DR design, built 1954-1956 by VEB Lokomotivbau “Karl Marx” Babelsberg.

199861 has a spin on the turntable which leads to the depot at Wernigerode. At this point I was no doubt expressing a hope that it was coming out vice kettle for our booked charter connection up the hill, but this would have meant a serious reduction in the noise stakes with hindsight!
99-7247 at Brocken. On this occasion you could see for absolutely miles well into what would have been West Germany, little wonder it was a Russian military installation for much of the cold war, which is what saw the railway extended to the top, way beyond the highest village.
This time, couldn’t see a thing! 99-7235 at a bloody freezing Brocken. The line was closed the following day due to the weather.
As that was too far cold we dropped back to Schierke , where 99-7240 is watched arriving with the 1339 ex Drei Annen Hohne. It will take water here for the final assault on the mountain whilst we had the more relaxing task of a few black beers in the station cafe.
2019 saw a summer diesel diagram inserted, unfortunately due to trouble with both steam loco and crew availbility, using one of the ex DR 110s usually only used for shunting and PW duties. 199861 was the regular locos and seen here desciending into Drei Annen Hohne from Brocken.
After a quick run round, ‘Harzkamel’ 199861 heads back to Brocken. My rating of the kettles is confirmed by flagging this for a phot and doing the kettle behind up to Schierke
99-7241 arrives at Drei Annen Hohne from Wernigerode. This 16km will have been almost flat out and the loco will take on water here.
99-7241 departing Schierke for its assault up to the top of the Brocken.
99-7232 and 199872 prepare to stable up for the night at Wernigerode. The signal box (and standard DR colour light signalling) underlines that this is still very much more of an operating railway than preservation setup.

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2019 Lipno Canoes

August 2019 Event, only four 210s in action due to a crew shortage meaning a bus from Rybnik to Vyssi Brod. All from the Saturday, had planned to return Sunday, however after spreadsheet hawking some diesels occurred instead which are thrown in here for good measure.

210039, Vyssi Brod Klaster
210058, Certova Stena – Vyssi Brod
210058, Certova Stena – Vyssi Brod
210039, Certova Stena. Canoes waiting for the return upstream service.
210057 (L), 210023 (R), Canoes (R), Loucovice
210057, Loucovice – Loucovice Zast
210057, Loucovice – Loucovice Zast. Let me off for it being in to the sun, its got canoes on FFS!
210039, Loucovice Zast – Loucovice
210052 (L), Canoes (R), Lipno n V
210057, 210058, Loucovice
210052, Vyssi Brod Klaster
210057, Vyssi Brod Klaster
742377, Nymburk Mesto, 0840 Praha Vrsovice – Turnov. Positioning move to get the Cargo 742 back after it had worked in on the Saturday after the booked goggle expired.
After a 150/362/242/814 transfer via Plzen, a long overdue catch up with 749107 which was having a very quiet 2019 season. Seen here at Blatna deputising for 749121 with the afternoon Cyklo Brdy back to Praha. Regular readers will notice the bodged half brake which has been refurbished, shame about the two hoppers behind it.
And just to prove it made it, 107 at Praha! Unfortunately it retreated back to Vrsovice shed for the rest of the year rather than a hoped for regular outing as this showed it worked…

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Just one photo

A balmy summers day in August 2019 sees 242208 arrive at Jindřichův Hradec with the 0920 Brno – Plzen. These trains between Jihlava and Ceske Bud can be traced on zelpage as being all but solidly worked by these locos back to 1981, with the same DR built compo stock too.

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Regiojet Brno Bohumin Vectrons

From the December 2019 timetable change, R8 services between Brno and Bohumin were put out on a tendered basis as the Czechs sadly move away from CD into a Balkanised mess of a system. On the upside, this did leave a Vectron harvest available with RJ using Lokotrain as provider who in turn generally hire disploks from ELL. The use of an EP Cargo branded – part of lokotrain – Czech registered 383 was a bonus. These are all phots from January 2020 hence the general greyness! Stock is a combination of ex-SNCB compos for FC, gyppo coaches off the RJ commerical routes and former CNL couchettes which vary from tarted up to absolutely hanging, the latter generally used on Fridays and Sundays to strengthen otherwise standard 5-coach rakes of stock.

193221 arrives into Ostrava
193757 leans into the curve approaching Studenka
Some late and early services terminate at Brno Hl rather than continuing to Kralove Pole, 193222 is seen after an unexpected arrival in the bay platforms with a goggle off the Jihlava line alongside.
193762 hammers into Suchdol. Some of the drivers seem more than entertained by the power on hand for the loads.
383062 at Brno Kralove Pole. Most trains run here for turnaround out the way of other traffic.
After running round, 383061 arrives back into Brno heading for Bohumin
And a reminder of the old order with 362046 and 362163 crossing at Nezamyslice in October 2018

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Tabor Feb 2020

Post-tour trip down to Tabor to cover the Bechyne route 113s, with recently reinstated 113001 a massive winner and two diagrammed out in the afternoon. However with Hurricane Sabina (a developed UK Storm Ciara) blowing through our chances of getting them before the place degenerated into a farce were low. We did, but the weather soon caught up saw a six hour trundle back to Prague…

We had missed our plus at Tabor by miles, so lunch and a beer then out to view 113002 working the all day turn, seen here bringing the 1201 Bechyne – Tabor in. Yes the light really was this strange at this point!
The first section out of Tabor runs alongside local streets, 113002 is just crossing ulica Husova as it drops down to the river bridge
There we go, the gold at the end of the rainbow! After years dumped out of use, 113001 had been put through Prerov emerging in late 2019. Seen with two refreshed shiny coroprate 010 trailers before backing into Tabor. Lovely.
113001 departs Slapy where we leapt for ‘002 back. This was wise as the branch was closed not long after with both sets stuck at Bechyne end due to trees coming down.

Despite the investment in locos and stock recently, this is to be the last few years of these locos – likely any locos – on this unique, lightweight branch which is to be re-electrified at standard 25kV by 2023, doing away with this 1.5kV DC outpost. This will also mean the end of the heritage 100 and EMU use which are much celebrated due to this being Czech’s first electrified railway (as opposed to tramway, despite it being very much a tramway feel!)

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Polish “roarers”

Another weekend trip of January escapism

EP07-1029, Gdansk with a TLK.
EP07-338 in a fresh coat of retro two-tone-green is working IC85107 from Szczecin to Olsztyn, just a pathetic load 3
A small number of heavily rebuilt EU07A locos can be found on Gdynia to Wroclaw ICs, EU07A-001 is seen at Gdansk.
With large numbers of locos stopped awaiting funds for overhaul, PKP have resorted to hiring in from Cargo, EU07-336 one such welcome loco at Gydnia on the 0531 Bialystok – Szczecin. It will have worked from Olsztyn most likely taking over from a CD Goggle which PKP have a handful of on long-term loan.
Not just locos, PKP also don’t have enough stock of their own that works so ZSSK have provided some fine Zilina B 249s seen here at Gdansk Wrz with EP07-1003.
Another green’un is EP07-174 seen at Gydnia next to a “real as fuck” EN57 to complete the scene. ‘174 is about to remove itself and dead inside classmate EP07-435 from a very late TLK81105 which was two and a half hours down after locomotive failure.
The Poznan – Wroxlaw line is the latest to be being rehabilitated and upgraded. We had gone down early to do the Poznan – Woltzyn kettle turn…to be greeted with a cart! Oh well, EU07-302 entered the book to Koscian.
EP07-345 at Gdansk with the 1735 Gdynia – Poznan
EU07-220 was another appearance from the Gydnia whirlpool, despite plenty of passenger locos hanging around but not for us to question. It had replaced the inward EP07 at Gydnia on the 1023 Szczecin – Bialystok and is seen here leaving Sopot where we just had time for a celebratory beer before heading back home.

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Brno Oldies

Weekend in Brno to push away the January blues. With new region-led management of the Jihomoravsky region the writing is finally on the wall for the Brno cross-city 242s, just the excuse for a trip. They should see service until late 2021 when new region-owned carts arrive. Sadly the intermediate period sees CD cutting all costs – evidenced by shortened rakes and internal condition already, and also the removal of the regional rover as only IDS JMK tickets are now available on all Os/Sp/R trains in the area.

242260, Brno, having just terminated after working the 1830 from Tisnov. This loco has been through a mini-overhaul at Prerov, presumably for life extension and had its paintwork patched up rather than receiving corporate blue.
242234 rolls into Cebin on the 0830 Tisnov – Breclav. Overnight snow and think fog made for an atmospheric if cold morning!
Absolutely hanging 230058 leads 230100 and a 742 through Brno Reckovice with part of the great european log merry go round, running bang road due to a classic SLW possession for minor maintenance tasks being carried out.
242260 notches up away from Kurim on the 0837 Zdar n S-Vranovice, which would be terminating at Modrice due to yet more engineering work taking place on the Breclav line.
242246 heading north on the 0953 Brno – Zdar n S. This turn at least retains the previously used load 4, many having now been shortened to load 3.
242227 in the later and more common corporate colours gets away from Brno Kralove Pole with the 0941 Breclav – Tisnov. Within an hour or so the snow had all melted away and I had a flight home to catch sadly!

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