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***UPDATE OCTOBER 2017*** Still ongoing – the basics are in place as linked below. I’m working through this and the more general BG section, so some of the content may come and go whilst I play around. This is definitely not a rapid project!

Also, there is a BG-GEN section available for non-seven Bulgarian Goodness. Should be in the list across the top of the site before the actual content!

Bulgarian: Съжалявам, че страниците са само на английски – не говоря български. Надявам се, че снимките са от интерес и че някои от текстовете може би ще работят чрез уеб сайт на преводач


Bulgarian Class 87 fleet status

Bulgarian Railway Company (BZK)


Passenger Workings

As always, everything is posted in good faith…

Here is an index of galleries with Bulgarian Class 87 action and some more gen can be found within the links below;

Link to Galleries:

September 2017, Part 1, Part 2 (finally catching up with 009)

June 2017, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

May 2016 – Plenty BZK and a guest appearance by Bulmarket’s 025

September 2015 – BZK and Bulmarket, plenty of a shiny 87012 and, obviously, 87026

May 2014 – Usual Razdelna BZK photos, 008 dumped near Ruse, 023, 026 and a couple of others

September 2013 – BZK Locos stabled at Burgas and Razdelna, Bulmarket 87023 at Ruse Raz and some grabbed phots of passing freights

March 2013 – 87007 on boxes, 87026 on ballast and 87029 on tanks during a BDZ bash

September 2012 – 87012, 87026 and 87033 on BZK freight trains around Razdelna (Varna)

October 2011 – Pirdop with no less than ELEVEN 87s present and the 87006 on PTG Railtour from Varna to Sofia via Plovdiv

May 2011 – 87004 on one day of a LCGB Railtour from Pleven to Sofia

May 2011 – A quick trip to Pirdop where 87004, 87006, 87022, 87028 and 87034 are featured

April/May 2010 – 87003, 87004, 87008, 87020, 87028 on passenger duty plus BZK locos stabled at Razdelna, Pirdop and Podujane


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  4. Dear Admin

    in June I could observe the BDZ 07 111 (BG-BDZPP 92 52 0007 111-4) on the following train services:

    05.06.2017 2637, 28203, 28204, 2636, 20955
    06.06.2017 28204, 2636, 20955
    The 20950 probably runs with BDZ 07 as well.
    I have postet some train compositions on

    The 460/461 train services was hauled by a CFR 65 loco Bucuresti – Ruse.

    I could also spot BDZ 07 locos with freight trains:

    05.06.2017 09:57 Valchi Dol heading for Dobrich, destination unknown (seen from 28203)
    05.06.2017 16:52 Poveljanovo heading for Dobrich or Sindel, destination unknown (seen from 28204)
    06.06.2017 17:03 Devnja with a loco on each end: a BDZ 07 heading for Dobrich and a BDZ 55 heading for Poveljanovo, destination unknown (seen from 28204)

    Thank you very much for providing loco workings on your webpage. I hope this information will help you.

    Kind regards

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