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European Trips 2012 (well and Tunisia)

Index page for 2012’s foreign trips, many thanks to everyone who has been involved in these again

February – France – Four day SNCF bash

March – Tunisia – Well the engines were good, Alco action with sideline GM and GE traction

April – BelgiumMercia tour featuring 5166 plus some SNCB

May – Macedonia and Kosovo 661s and Nohabs, hell-fire

June – Germany 11 day holiday Pt1: four days DB starring Koblenz Museum event and penultimate Szczecin 232

June – Czech Republic11 day holiday Pt2: no 749s but plenty of everything else

June – Austria and Slovenia11 day holiday Pt3: riotous 661 tour etc

June – Germany and Slovakiaa day around Leipzig then four days in Slovakia

July – Czech Rep Tisnov Grumpy Festival

July- Slovenia and Croatia a weeks holiday to test the eardrums – Pragersko, Pula, Split etc

September – Bulgaria a week on the bash / beach, seperate pages for BDZ beasties and BZK 87s (012, 026, 033)

October – Hungary Three day bash to sample MAV and partake in a 56/86/MY charter

December – Germany a long weekend, mainly Hanover and Berlin

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