Czech Republic July 2011

An excellent eight day trip, and my first visit, to the Czech Republic to catch some loud ‘grumpies’ before they are withdrawn which may be as soon as the Autumn. We knew we were in for three around Brno to do with the Tisnov event and a ‘fix’ on Table 240, then headed to Ceske Bud and then Prague and got, to be frank, stupidly luckily, managing to pick up six other loud grumpies (and two silent ones) whilst also sampling most of the other stuff available. Another country that goes on the ‘must go back’ list…!

Dan has again produced a good trip report including full list of moves so if you fancy some extra phots and the gen, click here. Discount the bits to and from Stansted, wouldn’t get me on a Pendo!

Posted July 14, 2011 by redcow87015 in Czech Republic

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