Belgium, Luembourg and France Apr 2014   Leave a comment

A hasty trip to exercise the red pen for a few days…

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Czech Rep

A long overdue, and very brief visit back to Czech. Despite yet ANOTHER railtour disaster a very enjoyable few days, the dejection being wiped out by a superb run with 749121 and its seriously whipped driver – a top man


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Another quick bit of German Feb 2014

A short trip to cover yet another cancelled railtour in Germany – did what bits we could cover around Bremen/Hanover/Hamburg instead… Thankfully there was a decent haul still to be had and only had Ryanair cheapies to Bremen as usual!

These are a couple of weeks late getting on here for very boring reasons – captions on phots as usual

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Another quick bit of German Jan 2014

The crank department of DB Fernverkehr have been busy organising some old electric fun and games from the December  timetable change, so a combination of outstanding leave, a spare box and cheap flights saw a plan stitched together to get 2014 up and running, ned wise.

Out to be had were 3×115 diagrams on the ‘Gaubahn’ from Stuttgart and also in the area were both 103 diagrams and, yes, another MRCE Taurus for the book. Naturally, had the pen out for lots of Regio stuff aswell… Brief sojorn to Munich en-route flying back where the ‘Meridian’ private outfit have some hauled vice out with 111s and 182596.



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December Bavaria Bash, Dec 2013

December German coupons bash, four days around Munich and managed to get most of what we wanted in the book.

DB Intercity provided 103245, 113309 on the CNL ‘shunt’ and a couple of black 182s. Regio locos took up the bulk of the trip with although lacking in class variety, large numbers of soon to finish 111s and not got forever 218s being scooped in. Even ALX were feeling generous with two hire-in locos out!




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SNCF November 2013

Je suis went to France! A five day trip working (indirectly) back from Nice, taking in many new areas for me. Having flown to Nice, we then headed for Marseille, Lyon, Clermont, Paris, Nantes, La Rochelle, Nantes, Tours, Paris or something like that!

As usual for France it was a mixed scorecard with a number of unit positioning moves and TER leaps proving difficult to predict, offset by some cracking distance runs on long trains of Corail IC stock. Plenty of variety in classes and liveries although as it was rather cold and dark on some days (when others were t-shirt weather!) mean not particularly many technically spot-on photos, but you shouldn’t expect any different on here!

Derided by many, I’m really coming round to seeing France as an excellent bash, it just requires more preperation and patience than many others…

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Hungary October – Mercia Tour

As these are very late, I’ll get them up without captions. These will (probably) be added when I get some more time.

Basically – went to Hungary, had lots of dud MAV locos and partook in another most enjoyable Mercia Tour…

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